Crypt_Xtea documentation
$Id: README,v 1.2 2004/10/04 19:52:23 jeroend Exp $

The Crypt_Xtea package is a simple class to enable XTEA encryption on
sites where e.g. the mcrypt module is not installed.
The original C code on which this class is based was found at
Currently to be found at:

Use of the class is fairly straightforward:

    require_once 'Crypt/Xtea.php';

    $data = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz';
    $key = '0123456789abcdef';

    $crypt = new Crypt_Xtea();
    $encrypted = $crypt->encrypt($data, $key);
    $decrypted = $crypt->encrypt($encrypt, $key);

The output of both the encrypt() and decrypt() functions is a binary

For your convenience a PHPUnit test class and test script have been
installed in the PEAR tests directory. To use it, check the Makefile
or try:

    make profile test

In version 1.1 a major bug in doing signed/unsigned calculations was
fixed after reports on the class not working on a Mac (thanks to
David Costa). Due to the fix the encryption/decryption process is now
relatively slow. Please check whether the amounts of data you want to
encrypt are relatively small, otherwise I'd suggest using the mcrypt

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